Award winning Peri-Peri Chilli Oil – 250ml


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Kingfisher Chilli Oil (Peri-Peri Oil) – 250ml

General information
We have gone through an elaborate process to create this chilli  oil, but believe it is worth it to provide you with the convenience of adding an expertly cooked chilli oil to your favourite meal.
This oil is not an infusion, therefore it has a vibrant colour and has an aromatic and rounded flavour rather than just a heat kick
It has a smokey taste with the slight sweetness of peri-peri.
It delivers good heat and has overtones of BBQ flavour
Our oil received a commendation from the Quality Food Awards and is rated by them as the best flavoured oil
Great for sizzling or drizzling afterwards on just about any meal – drizzle some on you favourite pizza.
Volume 250 ml
Storage Instructions Store in a cool dry place
Country of origin United Kingdom
Cuisine Mediterranean,  Caribbean, African and Mexican
Ingredients Chillies, garlic, assorted spices, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable oil, cold pressed British rapeseed oil, salt, vinegar
Manufacturer/Producer Kingfisher Chilli


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