Our Story

there are three hidden chillies in our brand

Have you spotted them?

  • The g from Kingfisher is in the shape of a chilli

  • There is a chilli under the eye of the bird

  • The breast of the bird is a chilli

our new brand

We launched our new brand at the Farm Shop & Deli Show in April 2018 and the response to our new brand was extremely positive.We often get asked what is the story behind the name “Kingfisher Chilli”

We named our company “Kingfisher Chilli” as we live on the banks of the Nene River in Cambridgeshire in a conservation area where trees are planted for the propagation of bird life

The slightly slanted image behind the bird is Africa.

How our Chilli Paste came about

Originally from South Africa, I (Tim) have been experimenting with different chilli mixes with my friends since childhood. In later years I married Annette, who does not like hot flavours. I had to come up with a product that would produce the same or similar flavours whether you cooked with it or added it after cooking. This was to allow us to share the same meal, yet accommodate our different preferences for spiciness. Our chilli paste does exactly that. It is totally natural (no preservatives, flavour enhancers or colourants and is vegan friendly), just wholesome goodness that brings out the flavour in food. 


Our process is very elaborate and for every 250 ml of oil we produce we use more than 1kg of ingredients. We are a husband and wife team (Tim and Annette) and we started the business together to further Tim’s love for cooking. He only uses the finest ingredients and top quality oils. All fresh ingredients are personally handpicked and inspected by Tim before being considered for production. To get the right level of clarity and colour, our oil goes through a rigid multi-filtering process, ensuring all flavours are retained and cloudiness removed. The end result is an oil with a fantastic aroma, beautiful red and orange sunset glow with a natural smoky flavour. We create a long shelf life by balancing natural ingredients perfectly, so that no artificial preservatives are required.

We entered our Peri-Peri Chilli Oil in the Quality Food awards 2017. As a start-up, we were delighted when we received commended in the Oils and Vinegar Section. The feedback from the judges was very favourable regarding flavour and texture and they suggested we look at our branding.